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May 19, 2011

Earn some money with your blog – Google Adsense

Earn some money with your blog – Google Adsense

Now that I have covered some of the basics of blogging, now you can try out some ways to make money online with your blog. There are many ways to make money online but for the true success, you have to be patient and wait til your blog grows.
Blogging success depends on your visitors, the sort of your visitors and your technique. There are different money making techniques can be applied in blogging but the true success on each technique could be different among blogs.
Google adsense is the most easy way to make money from your blog. You just have to add the ad codes in your blog and wait for your visitors to click on them. For each valid click, you will make an amount of money.
Now that you have understand what is adsense and how it works, go to and sign up for your free account. Fill out the required information like your name, address, website, phone number, zip code, country and other details and submit the form. Google will review your account and if they approve your account, you will get a confirmation email. This process may take 1-2 business days.
When your account is confirmed, now you are ready to add ads in your blog. You can get the ad codes from your adsense account and put it on your site but thats a messy job and I will tell this in the next update.
You can easily add, adsense via your blogger account. Just go to your blogger Dashboard and click on ‘layout.’
Now you can add/ change items on your blogger blog. Now click ‘add a page element‘ and select ‘Adsense‘ from there and click ‘Add to blog.’
Now all you need to have is to link your adsense account with blogger. Submit your adsense ‘User email‘, ‘Postal code‘ or ‘Phone number‘ and click ‘Sign in‘.
You will be signed in to your adsense account and there adsense will request your permission to link with blogger. Give the permission and now you can add your selected ads.
Use blogger’s nice interface to select colors of your ad. If you choose matching ads with your template, you will get more results.
  • Please remember that, you can add up to 3 ad units, one link list and 2 search bars in a single page.
  • Relevant ads will appear on your blog and you will paid for each valid clicks.
  • You cannot click your own ads in google or they will ban you.
  • Adsense earnings depends on your traffic, ad placement and click through rate, so be patient.
  • Adding less ad units on a page gives more money per click.
  • If you faced some trouble or have some question, leave a reply.


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