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May 20, 2011

How to improve Search Engine Rankings

How to improve Search Engine Rankings

If you are like me, then you will know that search engine optimization or SEO is not just only building links, content or doing keyword research, it’s a strategy like we do the branding. In web 2.0 if you want to survive and get the most out of google, bing and yahoo, then you have to follow some steps.

The conventional SEO

Build content: As it will help you build a content rich website which you can earn revenue or cashout for money. The best practice is to build a site on a niche. Niche content site do well in SEO and in most cases, it will help you rise easily on top keywords.
Page optimization: For better chances of indexing and rank higher. make your site user friendly, links to internal pages and articles. Have meta tags and sitemaps. Use image alter tags and proper use of css, html.
Social bookmarking: In today’s web, the faster to get ranked is to get noticed on social media. Google values a site which is more tweeted, bookmarked on digg or have an impact on facebook. So when you run your blog or website, do the social media part too.

The expert SEO

You can do the SEO yourself, but it will consume time and you will have to learn the ups and downs of it first; so the best way to do this is to hire someone or a company such as SEOP to do the Search Engine Optimization for you.
Keyword research: To know which keywords are the top in your niche and which are driving more traffic. You can use wordtracker or other tools to do this.
Competitive research: SEO is not only rising high, but to leave your competitors behind. You have to know your rival sites, which keywords they are ranking high for and for which they don’t.
Benchmarking and Monthly Reporting: To know how you are improving your efforts, where you are leaving your rivals behind and where you have to work hard.
~Above all things are really time consuming but if you take help from the professionals of SEOP, all you have to do is to develop your content and do the social networking. As a blogger and a web designer I find it hard to manage the time to do the SEO along with the content building, so I talked with my friend at SEOP as how they proceed on building the SEO for a site;
We provide maximum customer relevance and customer experience that gives you tangible performance. No tricks, no unethical games. Just great marketing and great relevance to your customer, which results in measurable performance on the search engines and positive ROI for your business.
SEO techniques that last for longer and your site will perform well for the upcoming years; so it’s an easy decision to make: Contact SEOP and let them do all of the Search Engine Optimization, as you stay hassle free building the pages and articles.

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