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Jun 5, 2011

Windows Password Recovery Without Any Software

Windows Password Recovery Without Any Software

By using this tutorial You can change and reset password of admin if you lost your computer password.

Whats you need???

1. Forgot passwords!
Many people forgot their password and lost their administrator right.

2. And i told you in post you wil do this simple. before attacking we need to prepaire our defense. By using given methods even beginner will get administrative right and will able to install keylogger and other tool in computer at publich libraries of school and collages.

This job hardly takes 2 miniatures follow this simple steps:

1.Open start and click run as shown in the picture:.

2.Type command(in blue colour) "control userpasswords32" in run Windows and press enter.

3.It will pop up user account windows in this windows click on administrator click on reset password button here we are!! Change password according to you and become you as administrator.

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